Cities and villages

The old Zeeland villages and towns are robust and picturesque at the same time. Experience the idyllic side of Zeeland in one of its beautiful historic places.


Veere is a beautiful town with a glorious past. It is one of the most surprising places in Zeeland. On the Kaai, on the marina and on the Markt, you can see beautiful merchant houses and warehouses with stepped gables, spout gables, list gables and bell gables.

A nice little harbour, many terraces, good food, in the middle of a beautiful historic environment, and: close to the Veerse Meer recreation area. The most striking monuments are the former town hall, the Campveerse Toren, the 'Scottish Houses' and the Grote Kerk from which you can look out over the whole of Walcheren. Everywhere you will find beautiful courtyards and nice vistas that take you back in time.

Around the town are defenses along which a nice circular walk runs.


Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland. The monument city of Zeeland with more than 1,200 monuments is located on Walcheren. The old Town Hall, the Lange Jan, the Oostkerk and the historic Abbey where the Zeeuws Museum is located are surrounded by streets with mansions. Most of the listed buildings date from the Golden Age. The historic harbors from this time have also largely been preserved. Nowadays you can moor your yacht in the middle of Middelburg's history. Around the city is a beautiful city wall with a walking path. There are also boat trips through the Middelburg canals. Or climb the 90-metre-high abbey tower 'de Lange Jan'. After 207 steps you can enjoy an exceptionally beautiful view. Shopping, a ride on the horse tram or a visit to Mini Mundi (Zeeland in miniature), Middelburg has a lot to offer.


Goes, city of the Bevelanden! Once almost all roads on South Beveland passed through Goes. “Give me a dime and I'll go to Goes” is a nostalgic slogan that indicates that everything was for sale in Goes. And that is still the case. Nowadays the A58 highway passes Goes. If you forget to turn, you miss the variety of the third monument city of Zeeland with a protected cityscape and 238 national monuments.

Goes has an attractive city center with beautiful shops and marinas. The city fulfills a central function for South and North Beveland.


Sun worshipers come from far and wide to the always bustling fashionable Domburg, which has a great diversity of quality shops, museums, hotels, swimming pool, not to mention the world-famous “Zeeuwse Licht”, which has been captured by painters such as Mondriaan and Toorop. Domburg has been a seaside resort of great allure for 170 years, the Badpaviljoen still bears witness to this. There are also a number of events every year, such as: the Painters Week, the Coastal Marathon, Jazz by the Sea and various art routes.

Domburg is a nice, bustling village with many cozy terraces and galleries where you can browse. Art is still alive. In the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum, the artists from the artists' colony are central.


Zierikzee is known as a monument city. For a relatively small city, Zierikzee has a large number of monuments (568). From mansions to small buildings with stepped gables and from gatehouses to a historic harbour. Trade, industry and fishing brought wealth, prosperity and beauty to the city. As a result, Zierikzee already had an interesting silhouette with walls, gates, churches, tower and mills at the beginning of the 15th century. The old city gate gives access to the cozy city center with its many shops and cozy terraces. A real welcome feeling.

The city still has a medieval street pattern. You can see Zierikzee from afar thanks to the St. Lievens Monster Tower of 62 meters high, also known as the Fat Tower. The historic harbor of Zierikzee has a Museum harbor with old ships that you can look around in.


Vlissingen, city by the sea. On the banks of the Western Scheldt lies Vlissingen, a city with a maritime past and present. Visit Vlissingen to get a breath of fresh air on the longest sea boulevard in the Netherlands, where you can almost touch the passing seagoing ships to Antwerp! The Western Scheldt has many shallow places, which means that most ships have a pilot on board. From the boulevards, the pilotage of the ships can be easily followed.

With its protected cityscape, Vlissingen is one of the seventeen protected town and village views in Zeeland and has many monuments. In the summer months, the Boulevards, Nollestrand and Badstrand (unique city beaches) attract many holidaymakers and tourists.