Hiking in Zeeland

With its great diversity of nature and culture, Zeeland is a paradise for hikers. Free walking in one of the many nature reserves, walking along the beach, or a journey of discovery with GPS? Zeeland is at your feet! Dozens of routes lead you along undiscovered spots, quiet farmland paths, unique nature and nostalgic towns and villages. Discover it on the basis of the most beautiful walking routes from your motorhome pitch in Zeeland.

Hiking trails in Zeeland

Before 2013, about 1,600 km of walking routes will be constructed, of which more than 100 km on farmland. A total of 7 walking networks will be realized. Where possible, these networks are connected to each other. There are already hiking networks in Noord-Beveland, Walcheren, Zuid-Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland.

The system of the walking network is comparable to the cycling junction system. The places where the paths and roads intersect are nodes. Each node has a number. This way you can easily determine your own route. It doesn't matter if you walk left or right. The network is signposted on both sides.

Hiking in nature reserves

The water, the wind and people created a unique landscape in Zeeland that can still be experienced in all its purity to this day. Follow a signposted walking route in one of the beautiful nature reserves in Zeeland: Oosterschelde National Park, the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe: De Grevelingen, flower dikes on South Beveland, Het Zwin on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, the Verdronken land of Saeftinghe, Boswachterij Westerschouwen, Oranjezon (between Vrouwenpolder and Oostkapelle), Neeltje Jans. Polders, dykes, beaches, dunes, sea, pools, forests, creeks, rivers, lakes, mudflats, islands, salt marshes... Unbelievable that so much beautiful nature fits in one province!

Hiking on Noord-Beveland

The 'Walking network Endless Island of Noord-Beveland' was launched in 2012. With almost 150 kilometers of hiking network via nodes, you discover the secrets of Noord-Beveland; the mud flats and salt marshes, inlays, colorful field margins, authentic villages and more.

If you walk this junction network you will experience the real Noord-Beveland! For the walking map, please visit the website Routes in Zeeland

Hiking from Camperpark Zeeland

You can also enjoy beautiful walks in the De Schotsman nature reserve from your camper spot at Camperpark Zeeland. De Schotsman nature reserve is a quiet walking area. The former sand flats are now densely overgrown and the many colors that change depending on the season are striking. In May it is yellow with the stonecrop, in August white with the rare parnassia and pink with the equally rare centaury. On the poor, sandy soil in the open grassland it is blue and purple with orchids in the spring. Nightingales, green woodpeckers, orioles, woodcocks and long-eared owls breed in the dense bushes that alternate the open terrain. There are many deer in the forest.

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