Nature reserve and day recreation area De Schotsman

The nature reserve was created when the Veerse Gat was closed in 1961 as part of the Delta Works.

The Schotsman originally consisted of beaches, salt marshes, mudflats and dunes. Today it is a permanently dry barren sandbank that has developed into a rich nature reserve. Here you can enjoy special flora and fauna with unique rare plants, mudflats and old dunes.

Go hiking in De Schotsman nature reserve

You can take beautiful walks in the De Schotsman nature reserve, close to your motorhome stop in Zeeland. The quiet walking area is a colorful area that is worth discovering every season. In May it is yellow from the stonecrop, in August it turns white from the rare parnassia and pink from the unique centaury. In the spring it is blue and purple from the orchids. In addition to special plants and flowers, you can also spot special animal species here. Discover green woodpeckers, roe deer, nightingales, long-eared owls and more!

The marked hiking trails take you in peace to the hidden gems in the nature reserve.

Yellow route (3 km) from the work shed of Staatsbosbeheer at the parking on the Campensweg, near the entrance of Camperpark Zeeland. This route takes you over well-maintained forest paths. Along the way you will see barren grasslands with special flora. Bushes here and there. View over the Veerse Meer and the town of Veere.

Green route (6 km) from the northern parking, at a right angle in the Schotsmanweg, approximately 1 km north of Camperpark Zeeland. This walk shows you all the interesting places of De Schotsman, including the shore of the Veerse Meer, the old sea dike and the salt marshes and dunes that are grazed by Scottish Highlanders.

Day recreation area on the shore

On the shore of the Veerse Meer - located directly in front of your motorhome park on the water - there is an area for day recreation where you can sunbathe and enjoy the water during the day. In the Veerse Meer there is a cable water ski slope of 'Waterskicenter De Schotsman', where you can watch the water sports enthusiasts or (learn to) waterski, wakeboard and windsurf yourself.

Directly at the waterski center you can visit also ‘Restaurant Beau 4’ during the main season, which has a terrace directly at the Veerse Meer.