19 December 2023 - Team Camperpark Zeeland

Renovation of sanitary facilities in the first quarter of 2024

Update February 27, 2024: We are currently receiving many questions about the progress of the renovation. It is not yet clear whether the sanitary facilities will be operational by Easter, although we are striving for this. As soon as the showers and other facilities are ready, we will let you know on this page.

Update January 18, 2024: a temporary building with toilets has now been installed and connected. You can use this during the renovation. Showers and washing up areas are not available, and the washing machine and dryer are also out of use.

From Monday 8 January 2024, we will start renovation work on our sanitary building. You will then not be able to use the showers, dish washing facilities and the washing machine/dryer. There will be made a temporary toilet facility. You may also experience inconvenience from the construction work. Here below you can read more about the renovation. 

The sanitary building was built by the previous owner of the camper park as an extra facility for guests with a camper, who often have their own shower and toilet on board. But in practice it appears that this is used much more than was initially anticipated.

That is why we would like to improve this facility for our guests. There will be more toilets, they will also be more spacious and offer more privacy than in the current situation. The showers will also become more spacious, and will also have completely closed walls.