Rates 2023

PeriodPer night incl. 2 personsLate checkout until 8 p.m.
January 3rd to January 8th€ 22,00€ 10,00
January 8th to February 17th€ 18,00€ 6,00
February 17th to March 31st€ 20,00€ 8,00
March 31st to May 17th€ 22,00€ 10,00
May 17th to May 21st (Ascension)€ 24,50€ 11,00
May 21st to May 26th€ 22,00€ 10,00
May 26th to May 30th (Pentecost)€ 24,50€ 11,00
May 30th to June 7th€ 22,00€ 10,00
June 7th to June 11th (Corpus Christi)€ 24,50€ 11,00
June 11th to July 14th€ 22,00€ 10,00
July 14th to August 20th€ 24,50€ 11,00
August 20th to November 5th€ 22,00€ 10,00
November 5th to December 15th€ 18,00€ 6,00
December 15th to December 31st€ 22,00€ 10,00

Additional charges:

Tourist taxes (per person per night)€ 1,45
Electricity (16 amps) € 5,50
Extra persons (per person per night)€ 5,00
Pets (max. 2 per pitch and leashed)Free
Preference costs (do not apply on day of arrival)€ 2,50

Minimum number of nights when reservating in advance
For reservations further ahead, a minimum stay applies:

  • Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Corpus Christi: 4 nights minimum
  • June 16th to September 17th: 7 nights minimum
  • Other periods: 3 nights minimum

Shorter stays may be possible when you make a reservation shorter ahead (about 1 week or shorter before arrival), as long as our availability allows this.

Rates extra facilities

These facilities can be paid contactless with your bank card. More information can be found on this page regarding practical information about your stay

Shower (per 4 minutes)€ 1,00
Warm water for dishwashing (per minute)€ 0,25
Water tap station (per 20 liters)€ 0,25
Laundry machine or dryer (per program)€ 5,00
Camperclean machina (incl. new fluid)€ 2,50

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